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It displays a list of RSS/Atom feed items given the feed URL and (optional) no. of items, keyword(s), cache refresh frequency. Customizable look & feel.  It works as both widget and shortcode. Compatible with RSS vers. 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0 & Atom 1.0.


It displays a list of items from a given feed URL or from a Google News feed.
You can select cache recreation frequency, the number of displayable news and whether you want publication date, time (and in which format), an excerpt and reference to the plugin homepage displayed or not. You can also choose to have a ordered (numbered) or un-ordered (bullet-point) list and to open a new windows or not, when clicking on the linked items. You can truncate title and/or excerpt to a certain amount of chars and can sort the items by date/time or title.
To display Google News feeds, you need to select the news localization (country-language), the topic and – in the news are in English and related to the Usa or Canada – also the city, region or zipcode.

Click here to learn how to use it.

For a live demo of the shortcode instead, click here.

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